p3 ostrava central

We would like to present a unique project, whose idea is to revive and build on Ostrava’s industrial legacy.

About the project

P3 Ostrava Central

Decades ago, raw materials were stored here and iron ore was prepared for the blast furnaces of the Vítkovice Ironworks. Then the place sank into oblivion. But after a comprehensive redevelopment, the brownfield is now ready to enter a new phase.  The modern commercial and industrial park will bring an abandoned location back to life and become part of the city.

Ostrava Central will offer modern warehouse space for rent, suitable for logistics / last mile delivery, production, storage, e-commerce and retail, in the unrivalled vicinity of the city centre. Flexible units of 1,500 m2 to 30,000 m2 under one roof will be customised for the first tenants, thereby ensuring maximally efficient operation.

Thanks to the design of award-winning architect David Kotek (PROJEKTSTUDIO), the industrial zone will naturally connect with the nearby centre and the unique look of the urban area that architect Josef Pleskot has imprinted on it.

The project is realised with respect for history and the surrounding buildings.

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Location in the very centre of Ostrava

P3 Ostrava Central is located just 3 kilometres from the city centre, with excellent accessibility both from the motorway network and by public transport. This will be appreciated not only by employees, but also by your customers.

Flexible division of units

The project offers variable units from 1,500 m2, and thanks to custom preparation of the premises also maximum comfort for the first tenants. Storage, production, offices, showroom and R&D centre. These can all be combined in one functional whole.

Civic accessibility

The location, as well as P3 Ostrava Central itself, offer a wide range of services for both its tenants and visitors. This place will come alive...

Main benefits

Excellent public transport accessibility

Cycle track to the centre of Ostrava

Sufficient number of parking spaces

LED lighting

Large electrical input capacity

Floor load capacity

5 - 7 tonnes / m2

Height of building under tie beam

10 - 12 m

Fire protection sprinkler system

Location and history

Moravian Region

The region has a long industrial tradition. After Prague, it is the second-largest urban area in the Czech Republic and offers a deep labour pool. As part of the Baltic-Adriatic corridor, Silesia is at the crossroads of European industrial and logistical flows. It also serves as an excellent base for automotive logistics, such as Hyundai in nearby Nošovice and the KIA plant in Žilina, just across the border. Ostrava also has potential in terms of research and development – for example, the cutting-edge ENET University Centre devoted to researching and developing renewable energy sources.

The location of the P3 park is convenient, as it is connected both to the motorway network and to the city ring road; furthermore, it can potentially be accessed by railway from the park‘s eastern perimeter. The Leoš Janáček International Airport is also situated near the park.


the first historical mention
of the town


founding of Vítkovice


the last year coal
was mined in the town


revitalization of
Lower Vítkovice completed


the first P3 Ostrava Central
pillar is erected


P3 Ostrava Central
welcomes new customers

Map of Ostrava


P3 park ground plan


0 m2

complex area

0 m2

for rent



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